• UNIQUE News

    UNIQUE News

    Google cloud , Apart from google I write .Simple help , click on follow . You could check my Https://Futurise.tech/

  • Kathy Lum

    Kathy Lum

    I’m a writer of lifestyle, health, mental wellness, and living the best life possible.

  • James Newton

    James Newton

    I'm a freelance Independent Graphic Designer based in Melbourne. Caught up somewhere in the middle of Brand strategy and UI design.

  • Marcel Badia

    Marcel Badia

    Marcel’s goal is to help connect the global and entrepreneurial community networks to engage with each other and have a positive impact on their lives.

  • Simkaila


  • e-Residency


  • Sarah Hollingsworth

    Sarah Hollingsworth

    My name is Sarah Hollingsworth, Founder & CEO of Poppylist. My vision is to create the most simple space in the world to register for your baby.

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